If you are new to the photography hobby, it may surprise you to learn that there are actually photography schools out there.

Some of these photography schools offer an actual degree in photography. Others simply offer certifications or basic training.

There are both physical/in-person photography schools and online photography schools.

And, while not everyone will necessarily need to take photography classes, they can be useful if you’re new to the art and/or thinking about making a career out of it.

If you want to learn more about the best photography education options and why they’re worthwhile, simply keep reading.


Get Access to Everything You’ll Need to Be a Great Photographer

When you’re just starting out in photography, whether it’s digital photography or classic photography, you will quickly discover that being a photographer is very expensive.

There are all kinds of equipment you need to buy if you’re going to make money at it.

Fortunately, if you become a student at an in-person photography school or an online school with a physical location, you will have access to the best equipment around.

Most schools allow their students to rent or check-out computers with photography technology, use their labs, take advantage of a variety of studios, offer lenses and strobes, and have many other pieces of equipment for budding photographers to use.

If you want the chance to work with the very best equipment possible without buying it yourself, going to photography school is a wonderful option. Not only will you get a stellar education, but you’ll also get access to everything you need to build an impressive portfolio that can help you later in life.


Learn Photography One Piece at a Time

When you’re trying to learn the art of photography on your own, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and confused, which makes many people give up before they’ve even really gotten started.

Instructors at photography schools know the order in which you need to learn photography skills. Based on that, they teach you one thing at a time via assignments and lectures. Once you’ve mastered one skill, they move on to the next, building off the previous skill and so on.

Through this approach, you learn to be a skilled photographer one piece or bit at a time. This is a whole lot more manageable than trying to teach yourself everything you need to know through trial and error.


Build a Portfolio That Can Really Take You Places

If you’re trying to become a professional photographer, the first thing every potential client is going to want to see is your portfolio.

A portfolio is simply a book full of photos that you have taken. Ideally, your portfolio should show your very best work, and it should also show a wide range of work as well.

Thankfully, photography schools are designed to help you build a hire-able portfolio during your attendance.

First of all, as mentioned, you’ll have access to the very best equipment, allowing you to build a portfolio of strong, high-quality images.

Secondly, your assignments, at least if you go to a good photography school, will be very diverse. Diversity is exactly what you want for your portfolio since it shows you can tackle any job or situation.

As you can see, photography school sets you up for success in every possible way.


Feel the Power of a Degree

As mentioned, not every photographer needs a degree. If you’re just looking to do photography for fun, for example, or as a small side hustle, you can probably get by without a degree.

If you want to be the “real deal” and one day see your photographs featured in top-notch magazines, however, then a degree can really open doors for you.

A degree proves that you have the training and experience necessary to be a good photographer. And, the portfolio you build while earning that degree will back it up.

Plus, even if you decide to go down another path later in life, having a degree can be useful to you. An undergraduate degree in photography is still an undergraduate degree, which means it qualifies you for grad school and other opportunities open only to those with a college degree.


Do Your Research and Make Your Move

If, based on this information, you think that photography school could be right for you, your next step is to research.

Look into different degree and schooling options. Do you want an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree? Or, maybe you’re just happy with a certificate? Do you want to go to school in person, online, or via a hybrid school?

Make these choices first and then start researching schools that offer what you’re looking for. Before you know it, you’ll have found the right one, and you’ll be on your way to a great education.

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