Many photographers do not have enough photography jobs, causing problems. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of photography jobs will be declining by 6 percent over the course of ten years starting in 2016. Most people invest time and money learning how to be an excellent photographer, but still do not get enough bookings to quit their day jobs.

Photographers now face a dilemma. DSLR cameras are becoming cheaper, allowing more people to take up photography as a hobby. There are also stock photo companies that give companies access to pictures if they pay for a subscription. For professional photographers, these trends spell trouble because of the lower demand for their services.

Photography Jobs: There is Hope

If you are having problems getting photography jobs, then there are a lot of things you could try. For one, you can go the traditional way and try to get bookings offline. Alternatively, you can go online and find customers.

To make it faster for you to get photography jobs, you should have a Web site that not only advertises your service but also serves as your online portfolio. Then you could search for freelance photography jobs, find companies that are in constant need of stunning photos, or sell your work to stock images companies.

Land photography jobs offline

How did photography businesses find clients before the Internet? Print out business cards and do some networking. You can join local charity events or bazaars to promote your services. You can also sign up for preferred vendor lists.

Further, there should be local events that you can attend. For instance, wedding photographers would do well getting a booth at a bridal fair. You can also seek public speaking engagements, as well as contribute helpful articles to the local paper. If you have promotions, you might want to try direct mailing. Or perhaps you can get your friends to recommend your photography studio to their buddies.

photographer doing a photoshoot inside a studio


When you are promoting your business offline, you need to be creative in letting people know about it. All of your bookings should start with awareness. Get them interested enough to give you a call or visit your studio. You can show them your portfolio when you get their interests.

You can be very creative in finding photography jobs offline, but it can be very tedious, and it does involve a lot of work. What's more, the reach of these initiatives can prove to be very limited. If you need more photography jobs, the more efficient avenue is to find these online.

Photography jobs online

In this age of the Internet and social media, there is no better way to find jobs but to go online. What should you do?

Create your own website

A well-designed website that showcases your best photographs can double as a portfolio and make it easier for potential clients to book your services. A good website can help you look professional. You can also use your website to engage people and share your love for the craft.

Having a website gives you a broader reach than any local or offline initiatives. With your website, you can earn extra income selling photography-related products. You can connect better with customers, and even conduct workshops online or teach via a blog. Apart from serving as your portfolio, you can also sell stock photos on your site.

Find jobs locally with Craigslist

You can use Craigslist to advertise your photography services. People who live nearby can quickly get in touch with you if they need a photographer. Conversely, you can scour the ads on the site from people who are looking for your services. The site is a useful resource for local photography jobs.


There are several sites for freelancers that you can use as well. You would need to sign up for an account on the site that you are interested in and then search for photography jobs. Which freelance job boards should you visit?


Best Websites to Find Freelance Work

The following sites are the best places to go to if you want to find freelance photography jobs.


upwork logo

Upwork has a special section for photography jobs. Companies using Upwork pay depending on the hours needed for you to complete the work, or on a per-project basis. Photography jobs that you can find here include ongoing work, one-off events, and even long-term engagements. Additionally, you can also find employment with companies that are looking for office workers such as photography assistants, product photography, or post-processing professionals


freelancer logo

Freelancer allows you to bid on photography jobs. Pitch your services and set a competitive price, and you are on your way to getting hired.


Guru logo

Guru is yet another freelance job site that also has some photography related listings. You can use the filters to show listings according to the skills needed, on whether you get paid per hour or per project, or by location. You can also choose to see only those projects with a verified payment method.


People Per Hour logo

PeoplePerHour is a curated freelance job board where you can find projects and opportunities to work with some of the best companies in your area. You would need to pitch your services and edge out other proposals to get the job. PeoplePerHour allows you to filter out low paying jobs and show you only high-value engagements.

Creative Jobs Central

creative jobs central website

Creative Jobs Central has a list of photography jobs and can help you find the best opportunities in your area. Start searching at this page.


fiverr logo

If you are still new or looking to pad your portfolio, Fiverr is a great place to find paying jobs that allow you to get the much-needed experience. You can create packages for your services and advertise it on Fiverr. Companies looking for photographers would be able to search Fiverr and see your profile and packages

The Creative Loft

The Creative Loft has a listing of some of the best photography jobs available. The site has been very successful in connecting photographers and companies that they often have a running count of how many people have found gigs using their listings. Job listings are updated periodically, and you can filter these ads according to job types, fields, occupation, and location.

the creative loft website

With up to 150,000 job postings, Creative Loft claims to have the most number of photography job listings anywhere. What's more, you can sign up for their newsletter so that you can get photography jobs in your e-mail.

Aside from these freelance sites, you can also try out:

There are a lot of freelance opportunities that enable you to snatch up a photography job of your choice. All you need to have are the mad photography skills and the patience to find these fantastic openings.

Job boards

There are also photography jobs that you can find on regular job sites. Some of the job boards you can try:

You can use regular job boards to find photography jobs, and even upload your resume so that companies can contact you if they need your services.


Build Professional Relationships with Companies

Companies understand that photos help sell their products. For this reason, there is always a company that you can work with if you deliver great pictures on a regular and consistent basis.

For example, people looking for love are dead serious about their dating profiles. They often pay professional photographers to take the photos they include on their dating profiles. You can apply to be included on the Online Profile Pros' list of photographers and join their network. You can also work with Airbnb and supply them with stunning photos of various properties all over the world.

Obeo is another great place, they are always looking for photographers who can shoot photos and videos that they could use for their real estate virtual tours. Further, Oyster accepts photographs of hotels and other types of accommodations. You will need to visit hotels in your area and take photos of the rooms, the common spaces, and the amenities.

Additionally, the US Navy is always looking for freelance photographers for their communications and public relations activities. Finally, if you have always wanted to travel and do some great travel photography.


Submit to Stock Photo Sites

Stock photo companies provide you with another source of income. Rather than wait to get hired for photography projects, you can create stock photos that you can sell on these sites. Pictures that have something to do with technology, nature, and business are usually safe bets and in demand. Different stock photo companies have different requirements for the images they accept and different procedures for recruiting photographers. Be sure to visit each one of them to find out.

Man editing photos on a computer


What stock photo companies should you consider? Deposit Photos require a quick application from photographers, after which you can start submitting photos and videos to the site. You get anywhere from 34 to 52 percent commission for every photograph sold. Meanwhile, Bigstock would require you to finish a tutorial before you can submit your photos. If accepted, your photos will earn you an average of 30 percent in commissions.

You can also sell your photos to Dreamstime and get paid $0.20 per accepted image plus commissions. Or perhaps you can sell stock images to Canstock Photo where you get $0.50 to $1.00 per photograph. Canstock has a referral program where you can earn up to $50 for every friend you refer to the site.

Why work with stock photo sites

Stock photo sites are an excellent way to earn passive income from photos that you would not otherwise be able to sell or use. What's more, it helps you capture a different set of customers. Some people do not actively seek photography services, but they might come across your photos on these stock photo sites and like what they see. If you have contact numbers on your profile, they can contact you for their photography projects in the future.


The Best Ways to Get Photography Jobs

What's the best way to get more bookings? Having your Web site show up first when people search for photography services in your area. Being first in search engine results will help you get more people aware of your skills and your services. However, you cannot just wait for customers to visit your site. If you are itching to work, you can always find photography jobs on freelance work sites.

Fiverr is an excellent way to start building your client list and your portfolio. You can get a wide variety of photography jobs on the site, and you can come up with your specific packages that interested companies can select. Nevertheless, other freelance job sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru can provide you with fantastic leads.

If you only have limited time to scour freelance job listings, then you should head on over to the Creative Loft. This site gives you more than 150,000 job listings. With that volume of available work, you can certainly find one that you would enjoy.

You should also start cultivating relationships with various companies that can hire you for their projects. If you are a travel photographer, you would want to work with Airbnb or If you love adventure, you might apply for the US Navy. Further, you should check out stock image companies. Among these companies, you would do well selling your images to Deposit Photos because they have the highest commissions.

It may take a lot of work in the beginning, but once you get the ball rolling, it would be a whole lot easier to manage all of these sites. With all the leads that you can get from these sources, you would never have problems finding photography jobs ever again.

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