Most modern cameras will feature more than one option for taking a photo.

Almost all cameras, for example, have traditional viewfinders through which you can see your subject and snap a shot. Some cameras also fall into the LCD camera category, which means they have an LCD screen through which you can view subjects and take photos.

If you have been thinking about buying an LCD camera or at least a camera with an LCD panel, it is highly recommended that you do. Having a camera with more than one camera screen can be really useful for taking a variety of shots.

Plus, there are a lot of great benefits to having an LCD camera specifically.


LCD Screens are Extremely Convenient

One thing to really appreciate about LCD screens is how very convenient they are to use.

Think about the long and involved process of taking a traditional picture. You have to turn on your camera, get all of the settings right, look through your viewfinder, make changes and adjustments as needed, and then, finally, you can take the picture.

With the LCD screen, however, it’s as simple as waiting until the image looks correct on your screen and then snapping the photo.

If you don’t want to waste a lot of time or go through a lot of hassle just to take a picture, then an LCD camera is exactly what you want.


Easily Get Up Close and Personal

Every photographer and every photograph is different. However, most photographers would agree that some shots really demand an up close, personal view. This is often the only way to really bring out details and make a photo “pop” or to give it the “feel” that you desire.

Unfortunately, when you’re taking covert photos, or you want the photos to look candid, it can be very hard to get up close and personal without making your subject uncomfortable. That’s the nice thing about LCD screens.

With an LCD screen, you can zoom in, see clearly, and bring details out in your photos, all without getting too close. In this way, you still capture a natural, beautiful, highly detailed photo without causing issues in the process


Carry Your Camera with Ease

If you’re a photographer who is often “on the go,” and most are, then you’ll also appreciate that LCD cameras tend to be small and compact.

Their small nature actually makes it a lot easier to capture those candid photos, as discussed above.

Plus, it certainly helps that LCD cameras are typically quite lightweight. Gone are the days when photographers were forced to lug around tons of bulky equipment. Now, you can have all the benefit of a ton of equipment contained in one little camera.

If you’re looking for a camera that you can easily carry everywhere and that will allow you to snap superior shots every time, an LCD camera is the way to go.


LCD Cameras Can be Repaired

The unfortunate thing about many types of cameras, especially the older-style ones, is that if you drop them, they get wet, or something else happens, they will need some serious repairs.

Fortunately, LCD cameras are a lot stronger and can stand up to more. Obviously, you should be careful with your camera, but if it does take a tumble, don’t panic.

The worst that will usually happen with these cameras is that you’ll crack your screen. And, if you do, you can usually have LCD replacement or repairs done fairly cheaply. Some people even purchase new screens and do it themselves.

While, ideally, nothing will ever happen to your camera, at least you know that you can fix most problems easily and affordably.


Keep Your Peripheral Vision Clear

When you place your eye to a viewfinder, it’s virtually impossible to see anything except what you’re photographing.

That can be unfortunate, though, when you’re working in a non-studio environment. You might miss someone walking into your shot, or, worse yet, someone reaching down to steal your camera bag.

If you need to be alert and aware while still focusing on the photo you are taking, an LCD camera is a great option. When you use the LCD screen, you can still set your shot up just right, but without sacrificing being able to see all around you.

Obviously, there are a lot of nice benefits to choosing an LCD camera. As such, consider choosing one for your next camera. Or, at the very least, choose a camera that has an LCD option. That way, you can always pick the perfect mode for each particular photo you capture.

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