If you are new to the world of photography, then there is a good chance that you’ve never heard the term “hot shoe.” Don’t worry. It’s not a term a lot of people know.

However, a hot shoe can actually be a very useful thing. A hot shoe, also sometimes referred to as a hot shoe mount, is simply a mounting place at the top of a camera.

There, you can attach flash units and various other accessories. Some cameras come with hot shoes while others require you to purchase your shoe connection separately.

While hot shoes can definitely come in handy, they are really only necessary in certain situations.


Why You Should Choose a Hot Shoe Flash

While some people think that the hot shoe flashes are overrated, that’s really not true. These hot shoe mounts come in handy in a wide range of different situations. And, as long as you are careful to select the right one, you should find your hot shoe to be a very useful and worthwhile contribution to your camera.


They Work When It’s Dark and Cloudy

One of the big reasons to have a hot shoe is for when it’s dark, cloudy, or otherwise dreary.

In these situations, photos shot without a good, easily-controlled flash will often be very unclear, out of focus, and basically low-quality.

Fortunately, if you have a hot shoe mount, you can put a flash there, position it as needed, and then take a perfect picture every time.

The flash will allow you to provide light where needed no matter what your actual surroundings may look like.


Hot Shoe Flash Helps You to Achieve a Variety of Looks and Styles

Something else to really appreciate about having a hot shoe is that it allows you to create looks, styles, and effects that, otherwise, would not be possible.

For example, with a good hot shoe, you can choose a zoom setting that is longer than your lens’ focal length. This will then allow you to cut off and vignette the corners of your photo, adding an aged effect or an artistic touch depending on how you frame it all.

You could also set a wider focal length with your flash for more even lighting. Really, the possibilities are endless when you have a shoe mount. It opens up so many photographic possibilities that simply weren’t there before.


Control Important Photograph Features with Ease

When you have a hot shoe, you have to worry a lot less about how your photos will turn out. Sure, you still have to take quality images, get the lighting and flash right, and have some kind of talent, but it’s all made a lot easier with a quality shoe mount.

The good mounts on the market today automatically adjust luminosity, brightness, and color before you even hit the button. In fact, some hot shoe mounts will even let you know when one or more of these areas is “off” so that you can automatically achieve a more perfect picture. Some will actually choose the lighting and general setup for you based on their analysis.

All in all, if you want to control or, at least, have controlled various important areas of your photograph, a hot shoe is the way to go.


Enjoy the Beauty of Bounce Flash

Another really nice thing about having a hot shoe is that, more often than not, they are equipped with bounce flash capabilities.

A bounce flash is a wonderful feature that makes it possible to add gradient shading tones and other qualities that make a photo look more professional. Plus, with a little practice and experimenting, you will find that a bounce flash can create cool artistic effects that are not possible otherwise.


Create a Remote Flash

Remote flash is a hard thing to achieve. However, many shoe mounts make it very possible.

If you want your light to be off-camera and to still have the desired effects, then a quality shoe mount with a remote flash is the way to go.

Keep in mind, too, that you can use different accessories on your shoe mount, so really, you always have control and different capabilities than you would without one.


Start Exploring Your Options Today

As you can see, a shoe mount can be helpful in many ways.

If, based on this information, you think you need one for your own camera, go ahead and start shopping. There are all kinds of great hot shoe products on the market today. You simply have to research to find the one that best matches your budget and your specific needs.

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