One of the best things about summer is the plethora of adventures you can have together with loved ones. Whether that’s a hiking trip with your son, an overnight trekking adventure with your sweetheart, or a snorkeling trip with the whole family, adventure and summer aren’t complete without some great photos to remember them by.


Here’s our list of the top two cameras for your adventures this summer.

What is Adventure Photography?

The straight forward definition of adventure photography is photographing adventures. Typically, this means photos taken outdoors on treks like hiking trips, mountain climbing, and overnight backpacking trips.


While there are a ton of expensive cameras out there, there are some more reasonably priced options geared towards non-professional adventurers.

What is an Adventure Camera?

Typically, an adventure camera could be defined as a rugged camera capable of taking quality photos under less than gentle circumstances. Places or events in which someone might use an adventure camera include the following:

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Overnight outdoors trips
  • Primitive camping
  • Monument climbing or site seeing
  • Certain other sports
  • Travel

You’ll know you’ve got a great adventure camera if the camera is waterproof to a depth of at least 15 meters – 50 feet – takes great quality images, can handle lengthy falls, can withstand heavy pressure, and can easily pack into a pocket, daypack, or other travel gear.


Before you head out on your adventures this summer, we highly recommend checking out these two awesome adventure cameras we’ve found for you.

The Best Waterproof Camera

Swimming, diving, waterfall exploration, snorkeling, and scuba diving require a waterproof camera. If you’re going to get a shot of Dory when you find her, you’ve got to try this point and shoot waterproof camera.

The Olympus Tough T5

This awesome point and shoot waterproof camera is one of the absolute best out there for your oceanic adventures. You can take this beauty hiking, through waterfalls, and just about anywhere else you can think of on your summer travels.


You can take this camera down to 15 meters, or 50 feet. That means Dory doesn’t stand a chance at hiding from the camera when you find her hiding in the Great Barrier Reef.


The Olympus Tough T5 can handle freezing temperatures down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and can handle drops up to seven feet.


This awesome little beast can take crushing pressure up to 220 pounds, and has a double paned lens to help prevent the lens from fogging over. In water and cold, that’s a critical feature for clear photographs.


The Olympus Tough T5 has tons of shooting modes, including:

  • i-Enhance
  • Vivid
  • Natural
  • Muted
  • Portrait
  • Monotone
  • Custom
  • e Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Portrait +Landscape
  • Hand-held Starlight – great for those without a tripod
  • Nightscape
  • Portrait + Nightscape
  • Children
  • Sport
  • Candlelight
  • Sunset
  • Fireworks
  • Beach & Snow
  • Panorama
  • Live Composite
  • Backlight HDR
  • Art Filters
    • Pop Art
    • Soft Focus
    • Pale & Light Color
    • Light Tone
    • Grainy Film
    • Pinhole
    • Diorama
    • Cross Process
    • Gentle Sepia
    • Dramatic Tone
    • Key Line
    • Watercolor
    • Vintage
    • Partial Color

The Olympus Tough T5 is also Wi-Fi capable, meaning you can upload directly to your Facebook or Instagram account anywhere you can get Wi-Fi.

The Best Action Camera

To take great action shots, whether that’s while someone you love is cliff diving, or while you’re climbing a mountain, you’re going to need a camera that takes great action shots.


Here’s the best action camera we’ve found for summer 2018.

SJcam SJ6 Legend

This amazing little action camera won’t let you down on quality of images, or durability. It’s super budget friendly, at typically under $150, and is available in a lot of easy to access retailers.


The SJ6 Legend is a super compact camera, measuring only 1.6 inches by 2.3 inches by 1.1 inches, and weighs only 2.9 ounces. The only problem with the size on this beauty is the possibility of losing it, so keep a close eye on it.


This tiny beast isn’t waterproof itself, but it comes with a case that is waterproof up to 30 meters – that’s 98 feet – which can also help you avoid losing it as easily.


One of the things that makes this little camera awesome, beyond it’s impressive quality for the size and cost, is that it has tripod mount capability, which is rare in action cameras.


The SJ6 Legend is super easy to use, has a touchscreen, and uses microSD, making the memory easy to access and use on other devices for using the footage on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media sites. It’s also Wi-Fi capable, so you can upload from almost anywhere.

The Best Adventure Cameras

The best adventures are shared with others. Even if someone can’t travel with you, bringing home photos of your awesome adventures for Grandma will make her day. Try one of these fantastic adventure cameras for your next trek.


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