Advanced compact cameras have become very popular in recent years. That’s because, unlike the cameras of the past, these aren’t just your basic “point and shoot” cameras.

Sure, advanced compact cameras are simple and are designed so that everyone can use them. But, the best models actually have a wide range of impressive features, hence the “advanced” in the name.

With most advanced compact cameras, you will enjoy large sensors, RAW shooting capabilities, and many other features, all at a very affordable price.

While compact cameras may not be for everyone, they are a great option for those looking for a basic small camera that can be used easily.


Many Have Hybrid Viewfinders

One thing we really like about going for a compact camera is that many of the small cameras on the market today come equipped with a convenient hybrid viewfinder.

This means that the viewfinder often lets you switch between both optical and electronic views. This allows you to shoot in different ways and to achieve different effects when you shoot.

Of course, not every pocket camera will have this feature. So, if it’s one that is important to you, be sure to look for a compact camera that offers it. It shouldn’t be hard to find since hybrid viewfinders are becoming more and more popular.


Great Image Stabilizing You Don’t Even Have to Think About

Many of the “fancier” cameras on the market today don’t have automatic image stabilizing. Instead, they require the user to set the stability.

Since compact cameras are designed for everyone, including those new to photography, they almost always have automatic image stabilizing. And, what’s more is that this image stabilizing feature is almost always very good. Camera makers know that there’s nothing anyone wants more than a clear, non-shaky photo, so they make sure this feature is up to snuff.

The result is that, when you go for an advanced compact camera, you will almost always get one that stabilizes images very quickly and that stabilizes them well.


Take More than Just Photographs

The most important function of any camera is, of course, to take pictures. However, most of the compact cameras on the market today do more than that. They also take video.

It’s very nice to have this feature. After all, you never know when a moment might come up that just has to be captured live.

Do keep in mind, though, that the quality of the video recording can vary greatly from one camera to the next. So, if this is an important feature to you, or if you plan on taking a lot of video with your camera, you will want to explore your options and choose one with a large focus on video.


Easy to Carry Anywhere and Everywhere

A lot of the professional cameras on the market today are very big and bulky. And, worse yet, they often require you to use them with even bulkier, even heavier equipment. As you can imagine, lugging all of that around, especially if you like to do outdoor or out-of-studio shoots is not easy.

With a good compact camera, however, you can get professional-quality photos without all of that bulky equipment.

In fact, that’s one of the main advantages of a compact camera. You can easily carry it anywhere and everywhere, allowing you to take a shot whenever inspiration strikes.


Very Affordable for Any Budget

Despite the inconvenience of most professional and DSLR cameras, they tend to be extremely expensive.

Compact cameras can be pricey too, unfortunately, but you’ll find a much wider price range with these cameras.

If you’re only looking to spend a hundred dollars or less, there are plenty of good, basic compact cameras. You can spend a thousand dollars or more too. No matter what your budget, it’s nice to have options.

And, if you do have a strict budget to stick to, then try setting your budget first and then shopping within your price range. Many sites have a feature where you can narrow camera options down by price. Shopping in this way will help you to stick to your budget and still get a great camera in the process.


Remember to Do Your Research

As you can see, there are plenty of great benefits to buying a compact camera.

However, don’t just rush out and buy the first one you find. Instead, take time to find the one that’s truly right for you and your needs.

For example, make a list of the features that are must-haves for you. Also, as mentioned, set your price range ahead of time. By doing these things, it will be much easier to find a camera that matches what you’re looking for in every way.

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