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At Photo How, our goal is to be your number one resource for everything about photography. Throughout our site, you’ll find information on types of cameras and their functions, the parts of a camera, and camera repair.

We know there’s more to photography than just buying a camera, so we’ve also got information about lighting, backdrops, the types of images, and even how to sell your photos.

Photohow.com – Our Promise to You

The team at Photohow.com knows how to explain things in plain and simple English. By the time you’ve finished reading the Image Terminology page, you’ll know exactly what the rule of thirds is, and you’ll be an expert on exposure. We also explain the terms “bokeh,” “histogram,” “noise,” and “RAW.”

Once you’ve learned your image terminology, you can move on to learning about Camera Function Terminology. This is where you’ll learn about:

    • Aperture
    • Al Servo/Continuous Focus
    • Burst Mode
    • Focus
    • Flash Sync
    • ISO
    • Long Exposure
    • Manual Mode
    • Metering
    • Shutter Speed
    • White Balance
    • Image Sensor

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

Dorothea Lange

Photohow.com – Our Story

Our experts at Photohow.com know everything there is to know about how to take the best photographs to capture those precious moments in life. Cameras aren’t what they used to be, and digital photography has created a whole new world for the budding photographer.

Our Digital Photography page tells you more about the role of a photographer and will help you decide if photography is the career for you, or if you’d prefer to enjoy it as a fulfilling hobby.

When you visit our Types of Digital Cameras page, you’ll be amazed at just how many different options the photographer has now. These include:

  • Compact
  • Zoom Compact
  • Adventure Cameras
  • Advanced Compact
  • Super-Zoom
  • Smartphone Cameras
  • Compact (Mirrorless) System Cameras
  • DSLR
  • Medium Format Cameras

The Parts of the Camera page is an important one as that’s where we explain what hot shoe and shutter releases are. We discuss the other parts of the camera, too, including the viewfinder, body, flash, user controls, lens, and LCD screen.

Photohow.com – Our Best Tips

Most people can appreciate a nice picture but what they don’t usually realize is that there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to create the perfect image. At Photohow.com, we have sections dedicated to backdrops, lighting, and props.

We’ve included a Professional Photography section where we give you some information about how to sell your photos. We also look at Videography which can turn into another passion for photographers.

We considered it important to add information about photography schools and a page for camera reviews. And, of course, we have a page about camera repairs.

We’ve taken great care to make Photohow.com as informative and helpful as possible. The art of photography is one that consumes us but if you’re here, then you already know just how satisfying and fulfilling it is, whether it’s your hobby or your full-time career.

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